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You know how there are times when you feel as though, Oh wow, I just have to get some rest. You're done in. Then there other times when you're raring and ready to go. It's obvious that your body doesn't have to rest all the time. However, your spirit is different. Your spirit must rest all the time. It must rest in God. If you don't, you experience anxiety and trouble and the bad results of those. So listen to the good results that come when you do rest in God and how you can do that.
Part 1 -- Place Yourself in God's Care!
Part 2 -- Do the Natural Things!
Part 3 -- Believe You're Not Sunk!
Part 4 -- Take a Load Off!
Part 5 -- Get Peace in Your Pulse!

REST IN GOD! CD -- Aired January 20-24,2020

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