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Medical science tells us to keep up our physical strength so we can feel better and accomplish more. How much more important is it for you to keep up your spiritual strength. When you are strong in your heart, mind, and emotions, nothing can hold you back from realizing your goals and fulfilling God's will. You can see those desires He's placed in your heart come to pass. So here's a survey of questions you can ask yourself to see if you are receiving what you should in your life in order to keep up your strength. Don't miss out on all that God has for you.
Part 1 -- Are You Eating Well?
Part 2 -- Are You Receiving Encouragement and Praise?
Part 3 -- Are You Passionate in Your Faith?
Part 4 -- Are You Relying on God?
Part 5 -- Are You Walking in the Ways of God?

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KEEP UP YOUR STRENGTH! **Download Only** -- Aired January 14-18, 2019

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