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When you lose your peace, that can open the door for the devil to be able to get victory over your circumstances. Plus, without peace life can be miserable. So God wants to show you how you can hold onto the gift of peace He has given to you. With it, you can have the mental resources and physical energy and spiritual depth to receive the victories and accomplishments planned for you. You can walk into wonderful plans and great miracles. See what you can do to have peace in the midst of trials and be able to conquer challenges. How to hold onto your peace...
Part 1--When Things Are Going Wrong!
Part 2--When You're Waiting for the Promise!
Part 3--When You're in Transition!
Part 4--When There's Not Much Reserve!
Part 5--When There Is Uncertainty!

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HOLD ONTO YOUR PEACE! **Download Only** -- Aired January 21-25, 2019

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