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In this teaching, God shows you a picture of what it means to be willing to be and do all He has for us. There's a deeper place to go with Him. It's more than just following Him; it's following through. When you say to Him three words, "Here I am!" it can change your life. That's when the Father can take you more places and you can do greater things and see greater results. This is where the best satisfaction and fulfillment is. You reach a depth in God you haven't realized before. And you reach a depth inside yourself you didn't know was there.
Part 1 -- With Guts!
Part 2 -- With Earnest!
Part 3 -- With No Hesitation!
Part 4 -- With Diligence!
Part 5 -- With No Reserve!

HERE I AM! CD -- Aired March 25-29, 2019

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