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The Word of God talks much about ownership. What belongs to you. Those things of which you are to have possession. Until you come to a full realization of what God intends for you to own in your life, it can be withheld from you or taken from you once you do get it. It's good to understand what it means to possess what God has ordained. It's yours and it's a gift from God. You hold it. You enjoy it. So, discover of what you have been given ownership and what happens when you take it.
Part 1 -- Don't Be Shortchanged!
Part 2 -- Keep Your Contentment!
Part 3 -- Hang Onto What Is Yours!
Part 4 -- Do Something About It!
Part 5 -- Regain What Is Yours!

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YOU ARE THE OWNER! **Download Only** -- Aired April 8-12, 2019

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