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Have you ever wondered how it would be to actually look into the eyes of Jesus? If you could stand in front of Him today and be face-to-face, what do you think you would see in His eyes? He wants you to understand in a deep way what is there for you. It's important that you not be blinded to what you can see in the eyes of the Lord. Allow Him to show you how He feels about you and what He has for you. Come with me as we look into the eyes of Jesus and see what's in them. He has a message He desires to speak to your heart. In His eyes, you will see...
Part 1 -- Miracles of Compassion!
Part 2 -- Companionship!
Part 3 -- Hope for the Future!
Part 4 -- Affection and Warmth!
Part 5 -- Mercies!

IN THE EYES OF JESUS! CD -- Aired April 15-19, 2019

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