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You know those times when you feel as if something has blown into your life and caused some havoc. Life seemed stable, then there was an upheaval. A storm. When it comes, what can you do to make certain you get out of it intact? You don't want to be defeated because of damage. But that can happen if the right measures are not taken during this time. Learn what you can do in the storm so you don't lose what is trying to be ripped out of your life. You can come out of it with victory!
Part 1 -- Keep Your Wits About You!
Part 2 -- Keep Your Compass!
Part 3 -- Keep Your Place of Trust!
Part 4 -- Keep Your Perspective!
Part 5 -- Keep Instructions in Front of You!

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WHAT TO DO IN THE STORM! **Download Only** -- Aired September 16-20

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