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If you're facing a difficult issue, what can you do? If you're trying to build something or achieve a desire, how can you make it happen? You have to have a plan. So you go to God and say, "What do I do about this, Lord? What's the plan?" You'll see the way to go and as you do, your mind and heart will be able to relax in that knowledge. That's because you know God is guiding it all. Discover the steps to take to initiate God's plan for your situation.
Part 1 -- Trust Him With the Outcome!
Part 2 -- Believe Your Destiny Is Decided!
Part 3 -- See the Greater Plan!
Part 4 -- Be Directed by God!
Part 5 -- Watch for Reinforcements Coming! 

WHAT'S THE PLAN? CD -- Aired November 11-15, 2019

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