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If I were to ask you to describe how your life looks to you right now, what would you say? Hopefully you would have some positive things to share. You have some good things going on. But because life happens, I'm sure there would be some disappointments you're facing also and some challenges and needs. So here's how God wants you to view the days to come and how He has filled them with happiness. Get a picture of God pulling out the map that He has for your circumstances and unfolding it. He rolls it out and starts making the arrangements for you to follow that map. It's time to initiate that plan. It's the moment! Put your hand in God's hand and ask Him to make sure that you walk into that good plan He has for you.
Part 1 -- When God's Plan Unfolds!
Part 2 -- When You See the Big and Supernatural!
Part 3 -- When You Win!
Part 4 -- When You Recover!
Part 5 -- When You Make the Discovery!

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YOUR MOMENT WILL COME! **Download Only** -- Aired January 27-31, 2020

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