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The time period between recognizing what your desire is and waiting for it to happen is some of the toughest hours and days and sometimes years that you experience. Along the way you may encounter disappointment and delay. But don't allow your desire to die inside you. God didn't give it to you just so you could see it go unfulfilled. He gave it to you so you could become strong and powerful and see the enemy defeated. Watch as by His hand you see wonderful things happen as your petition is granted.
Part 1 -- Don't Let Your Desire Get Quiet!
Part 2 -- Don't Let Your Desire Become Inactive!
Part 3 -- Don't Let Your Desire Get Away!
Part 4 -- Don't Let Your Desire Be Threatened!
Part 5 -- Don't Let Your Desire Be Knocked Out of You!

KEEP YOUR DESIRE ALIVE! CD -- Aired February 3-7, 2020

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