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You know how it is to be stretched in your life? That's when you're called upon to come up with more inside you than you thought you had. There are different ways we experience the stretching process. But the purpose and goal of it are always the same. It's to get us to go past where we are. To enlarge. To expand and go beyond. When we are willing to be stretched, we can start seeing ourselves be able to do things beyond what we thought our limit was. See how you can go through the stretching time and receive what God has for you.
Part 1 -- In Your Faith!
Part 2 -- In Your Willingness To Wait!
Part 3 -- In Your Obedience!
Part 4 -- In Your Endurance!
Part 5 -- In Your Trust!

WHEN YOU'RE BEING STRETCHED! CD -- Aired February 10-14, 2020

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