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You may be hurting about something right now and you wish it was over or resolved or gone. Here is God's message to you now. You can face tomorrow! That's because He is by you in every step. Tomorrow is yours. It doesn't belong to the enemy or the opposition or the problem. Tomorrow belongs to YOU. God has given it to you as a blessing and He wants you to be able to look forward to it. Face it with determination and confidence and hope in your heart. God is moving to change conditions and fulfill your heart.
Part 1 -- Watch for Signs of God Moving.
Part 2 -- Feel God's Care for You.
Part 3 -- Accept a New Purpose.
Part 4 -- Keep Your Balance.
Part 5 -- Don't Turn Back.

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YOU CAN FACE TOMORROW! **DOWNLOAD ONLY** -- Airing September 13-17, 2021

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