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People sell out to many things. We as believers are sold out to God. We're dedicated, committed to a purpose, and serve Him. When it comes to a challenge of our faith or ethics or integrity, we're sold out to His ways. Nothing is more important to us than what He desires for us to do and become. Based on that, God is going to show you in this message how your life can be beyond what you can dream. That's because there isn't a greater dreamer than God. He can dream up blessings and accomplishment and spiritual development for your life that you don't see now as you remain sold out to Him.
Part 1 -- Go After It.
Part 2 -- Put Your Beliefs Into Action.
Part 3 -- Hold Out for a Miracle.
Part 4 -- Be Dead Set on It.
Part 5 -- Give Your Best.

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Sold Out! **Download Only** -- Aired November 7 - 11, 2022

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