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You don't have to be concerned or anxious that one day you'll get news that God's power is fading and you won't be able to depend upon it much anymore. He still can do everything He's done in the past that was good, merciful, mighty, caring and compassionate. Our God never changes. So whatever you need Him to do in your life, know that He still can do it. He still has the ability to give you what you desire and He also has the willingness. Let Him show you how He can do what you need now. God still can...
Part 1 -- Move in a Supernatural Way.
Part 2 -- Move in a Big Way.
Part 3 -- Move in the Future.
Part 4 -- Move in a Victorious Way.
Part 5 -- Move in a Saving Way.

God Still Can Do It! CD -- Aired January 23 - 27, 2023

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