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We are in a time when there is going to be an exchange of anointing happening, and God wants it to come into your hands. Through the anointing of God's Spirit you can experience what He has planned for you. So John and I are inviting you to request this vial of anointing oil which is symbolic of the Spirit. We will pray over it, and then you can anoint yourself and the people God puts on your heart. Then use the oil to anoint those things that represent your life where you want to see a greater work of God's Spirit done. Along with the oil, we will also send you the teaching, "Something Is About To Change Hands!" CD In it I describe the five areas where God says exchanges are happening and how you can receive them. Power. Ownership. Reward. Authority. Anointing. Get your copy soon! Jeanne

Request this teaching on CD along with the vial of anointing oil for a gift of $10 into Alcott Ministries.

Anointing Oil Vial and Something Is Going To Change Hands! CD

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