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It's time for fresh oil on your life! God wants you to receive the fresh oil of anointing from His Holy Spirit. Psalm 92:10 says, I am anointed with fresh oil. It can empower you to accomplish desires in your heart. So contact us and tell us you want to receive anointing and prayer. Then we will send you a small vial filled with anointing oil over which we have prayed so you can anoint every part of your life. This vial is on a keychain with a heart on it to remind you of the heart of God being poured into your life. It comes in a black pouch. We will also send you Jeanne's teaching on CD, "Signs of God Moving!" God wants to show you the signs of His movement. He is in motion now, so see how you can read those signs and not miss what He is doing.

Anointing Oil Heart Keychain and Signs of God Moving CD

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