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Decide you're going to go for it all. You're going to have everything God has for you. In this CD album of three teachings, God takes you into His heart and mind to show you how to experience and enjoy to the full what is waiting for you. Express your life the way He created you to do it. Get a kick out of life instead of life kicking you.  Three teachings on CD by Jeanne Alcott that can help you live the amazing life. You'll Make It! It Still Can Happen! Live the Amazing Life! Five parts in each teaching and each part is 15 minutes long with a powerful prayer said for you at the end of each one. As a BONUS, we will also send you a set of Spiritual Powerline Cards. 5 x 7 cards. You can put them in a photo frame and switch them so you have a new Spiritual Powerline each week. Every time your eyes brush across them, say the powerline out loud. That's when the Word of God can become reality in your heart and life.

Live the Amazing Life Album and Spiritual Powerline Cards Set.

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